invoice financing guide

Invoice Financing Guide: Tips to Choose the Right Invoice Financing Partner

Being a business owner, we are sure that you must have gone through phases facing cash crunch and it is a fact that you are not the first one to find yourself in this situation. Research shows that globally, 60% of businesses face cash-flow-gaps every year. Well, there is no one particular reason for this issue to occur. It could …

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late payments

4 Tips for Dealing with Late Payments from your Buyers

There is nothing more frustrating than a delayed payment for a small business owner. In general, SMEs have way less cash at hand to work with than a large organization. Therefore, a delayed payment can send a small business owner scrambling for cash. Moreover, delayed payments can also result in lost opportunities for a business operating in a competitive industry …

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emergency fund for your small business

How to Create an Emergency Fund for your Small Business?

Small and medium enterprises with commercial clients are always at risk from payment disruptions in the supply chain. Moreover, the cash-dependent nature of these SMEs makes it difficult for the owners to set up an emergency fund. Also, since the client base of SME suppliers for large manufacturers is limited, it is harder for them to generate alternate income for …

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working capital loan

How is a Working Capital Loan Different from a Term Loan?

The need for finance is commonly felt by business owners from time to time. Where short-term business loans offer an immediate relief from the problems, long-term loans are used for initiating sustained growth plans. Since, there are many types of financial vehicles in the business loan market today, oftentimes it becomes difficult to select the right one. Knowing about the …

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cash flow statement

What is a Cash Flow Statement and How to Make Sense of it?

The cash flow statement is an important financial document for every private enterprise. Along with the balance sheet, income sheet and the income statement, the cash flow statement forms a troika of documents that represent the financial health of your enterprise. A cash flow statement is prepared for a given, predefined period. It can be generated monthly, quarterly and for …

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invoice finance anchor

The Basic Requirements for Becoming an Invoice Finance Anchor

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are looking for alternatives to the conventional methods of raising short-term business finance such as small business loans. The need has arisen from the fact that the traditional financial vehicles are often slow and cannot effectively deliver quick credit – which is the need of the hour in today’s agile marketplaces and supply chains. That is the …

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Here’s How You Can Stop Losing New Business Because of Unpaid Receivables

Did you know that unpaid accounts receivables are more than just an inconvenience for your business? When you get paid late by a customer, a lot of variables in your business operations get affected. If not checked in time, a one-off late payment can become a monthly process which may eventually lead to loss of new business. While our proposition …

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working capital

5 Tips to Keep Your Working Capital Under Control

Cash management can make a world of difference for the profitability of your business. So much so that it can be the difference between success and insolvency. This fact is particularly applicable for small and medium enterprises and startups in the most competitive sectors, where strict financial control is the only way to stay ahead. In business terms, the cash …

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5 Things all Small and Medium Enterprises should do to Boost their Business

Small business owners are always looking for new ways to boost their enterprise. While improving products and services gives a competitive advantage to a business, it is the way things are being run that brings about efficiency and financial savings. Hence making an enterprise profitable. Deploying these operational and financial strategies requires due process. It is not a fire and …

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invoice finance lenders

Things that you should Consider before Choosing Invoice Finance Lenders

So, after taking a look at the benefits of invoice finance, you have finally determined that it is the right way for boosting your operations, and now, you are looking for a good invoice finance lender. But you do not know which non-banking financial company will be ideal for your business needs. Well, we know that online research is the …

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