What’s in Store for The Consumer Electronics Industry of India?

The Indian appliance and consumer electronics market was worth ₹2.05 trillion in 2017. The market is expected to expand by 9 percent CAGR and reach ₹3.15 trillion by 2022. Growing awareness, easier market access and a change in lifestyle habits are the key drivers of growth for the consumer electronics industry. In the coming years, the industry can expect growth …

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Warehousing & Logistics Business

Expand Your Operations: Supply Chain Financing for Warehousing & Logistics Business

In this age of technology and advancements, everything is connected, and the business is global. Every day, thousands of shipments are exported and imported across the world making this as one of the businesses with dynamic working capital needs. As an owner of the warehousing and logistics business, you might be wanting to get paid in advance for the shipments …

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Make Room for More Opportunities with LivFin Supply Chain Financing Solution

We understand that hospitality is one of the industries that goes through maximum extremes in terms of business because of the various reasons including the location that they are based at, high and peak season for travel in that area, type of hotel (business, leisure, boutique) and more. It is also affected by how the payments are made by the …

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How Manufacturers Can Help Their Suppliers with Supply Chain Finance

Today, India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and the manufacturing sector has seen significant gains in terms of growth and capacity. With 45% manufacturing input coming in from SMEs which have been growing at 10% year-on-year surge, factors like rising production costs, new projects, R&D initiatives and acquisitions are a by product of this growth and …

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How Supply Chain Finance Can Unlock Finances for OEM Suppliers in the Rapidly Changing Automotive Industry

With India’s largest passenger vehicle maker announcing the discontinuation of its diesel motors by 2020, the automotive industry is set to witness a tectonic shift in product development. The push for greener, more eco-friendly cars was some time in the making, but now with Maruti Suzuki’s announcement and imminent electric vehicle launches from all automotive majors, the battle lines are …

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Here’s How You Can Stop Losing New Business Because of Unpaid Receivables

Did you know that unpaid accounts receivables are more than just an inconvenience for your business? When you get paid late by a customer, a lot of variables in your business operations get affected. If not checked in time, a one-off late payment can become a monthly process which may eventually lead to loss of new business. While our proposition …

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unsecured supply chain financing

Your Guide to Unsecured Supply Chain Financing and its Benefits

With the emergence of new technologies and operational philosophies, every industry is facing both acceleration and disruption. It has led to a totally new reality check for these industries. Today, Chief Financial Officers of small, medium and large business enterprises are faced with a different challenge – where to get the money for investing in new markets, growing product lines …

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Difference Between Supply Chain Finance and Trade Finance

There are many ways a business can get finance, but what matters is how fast and easy it is to get a business loan rather than which lender you get it from. In this post we will analyses two of the fastest business finance options and how they compare to each other. Supply chain finance: It is a kind of …

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