What is Single Invoice Finance or Spot Invoice Finance?

Single Invoice Finance is when individual invoices are collateralised to a third party for raising working capital. It is different than invoice factoring which usually covers the whole turnover i.e. the company seeking invoice finance collateralises the entire sales ledger. Selective invoice finance gives vendors the choice to pick and choose the invoices they wish to cash. single invoice financing …

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Invoice Finance Loans

5 Ways to Use Invoice Finance Loans

Cash flow is one of the best identifiers of business success. How a company manages its cash flow determines the level of success it achieves in the long run. If you have been having trouble maintaining your firm’s cash flow, invoice finance is an asset solution that can help you bring efficiency into the process. Today, the business environment has …

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vendor contract

Your Guide to Vendor Invoice Finance and its Benefits for SMEs

A vendor or supplier is a term used in supply chain management for anyone who is offering goods or services to a company or individual customers. A vendor generally manufactures items than can be inventoried and sells them to commercial or private customers. In a supply chain, vendors are tracked through a financial system or through a warehouse management system. …

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Business loan for women startups

How to Get Business Loans for Women’s Startups?

Women entrepreneurs in India face many challenges when they are on the path to set up their enterprise. These challenges are a result of many stigmas and misconceptions, such as: Social attitude of the patriarchal Indian society which views working woman as a disadvantage for the family. Despite the fact that women have time and again broken this social stigma, …

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purchase invoice finance

Difference Between Sales and Purchase Invoice Finance?

Planning to get a quick business loan through supply chain finance but confused by its two types? Well, in today’s post we will explain the difference between sales invoice finance and purchase invoice finance to help you decide which form of supply chain finance is a better option for your business. As you know, supply chain finance helps buyers and …

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invoice discounting

Here is How Invoice Discounting is Boosting India’s SME Growth

Role of Invoice Discounting to Boost SMEs Growth in India The Indian economy is growing at an unprecedented pace and a part of that growth comes from the small and medium business sector. The SMEs are contributing heavily to the manufacturing and services sector, recording over 45% contribution to the annual GDP numbers. In recent times, the growth in outcome …

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unsecured supply chain financing

Your Guide to Unsecured Supply Chain Financing and its Benefits

With the emergence of new technologies and operational philosophies, every industry is facing both acceleration and disruption. It has led to a totally new reality check for these industries. Today, Chief Financial Officers of small, medium and large business enterprises are faced with a different challenge – where to get the money for investing in new markets, growing product lines …

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accounts receivable

Unsecured Invoice Financing vs. Unsecured Business Loans

If you are a small business owner in India, you may have felt the need for availing institutional business finance at one time or other. However, if you managed to secure a business loan or not is an entirely different matter. Despite the recent progresses in the business-friendly environment in the country, business finance remains a critical issue for SMEs …

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invoice finance benefits

How does Invoice Finance Works and What are its Benefits for SMEs

Invoice financing is a mode of business finance which offers a fast-cash solution for companies with commercial customers or suppliers. The invoice financing process is quite straight-forward and faster than other business loans. Here; How does Invoice Finance Works? Your business gets a purchase order form, which is an agreement that lists the contract between you and the buyer, detailing …

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Difference Between Supply Chain Finance and Trade Finance

There are many ways a business can get finance, but what matters is how fast and easy it is to get a business loan rather than which lender you get it from. In this post we will analyses two of the fastest business finance options and how they compare to each other. Supply chain finance: It is a kind of …

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