Harshad Malhortra CBO

LivFin targets to achieve Rs 800 cr AUM by March 2023

Mumbai, Aug 30 (IANS) LivFin, a registered fintech firm with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), is aiming to achieve Rs 800 crore assets under management (AUM) by March 2023, on the back of robust pipeline that the company has built through its network, said Harshad Malhotra, Director and Head – Business, LivFin.

By March 31, 2022, the AUM of the company stood at Rs 400 crore, which was 210 per cent up from a year ago period.

“LivFin is working very closely with various anchors to structure products to smoothen their supply chain financing. We are committed to building the NBFC which provides full flexibility to the vendors/distributors of the anchor corporates, to improve their top and bottom line,” Malhotra said.

The company offers supply chain finance, small business loans, and working capital to MSMEs and collaborates with mid to large-sized corporations (anchors) to develop structures to lend to their suppliers and vendors on the one hand, and their distributors, dealers and retailers on the other.

LivFin serves as a bridge between lenders and borrowers by revolutionising the way credit is evaluated and delivered to this target market, as the majority of small and medium-sized businesses in India are hampered by the lack of interest of banks and NBFCs in lending to them.

LivFin’s technology-driven credit decision-making system, which utilises alternative data sources, expedites the provision of financing solutions to under-banked MSMEs.

It capitalises on the Digital India initiative through its proprietary technology platform that pulls data digitally from the source and reduces the credit decision-making workflow by eliminating tedious paperwork. This also enables seamless customer onboarding, which reduces acquisition and service costs.

Source: IANS