Invoice Financing

How Invoice Financing Can Increase Your Business Cash Flow

Small businesses often face a cash crunch due to operating on tight budgets. Moreover, the constrained lending space for SMEs in India has also not helped small business owners in recent years. While businesses in India are in a routine of extending credit for encouraging more sales, the practice leaves you starved for ready working capital. Due to the lack …

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How Supply Chain Finance Can Unlock Finances for OEM Suppliers in the Rapidly Changing Automotive Industry

With India’s largest passenger vehicle maker announcing the discontinuation of its diesel motors by 2020, the automotive industry is set to witness a tectonic shift in product development. The push for greener, more eco-friendly cars was some time in the making, but now with Maruti Suzuki’s announcement and imminent electric vehicle launches from all automotive majors, the battle lines are …

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invoice financing guide

Invoice Financing Guide: Tips to Choose the Right Invoice Financing Partner

Being a business owner, we are sure that you must have gone through phases facing cash crunch and it is a fact that you are not the first one to find yourself in this situation. Research shows that globally, 60% of businesses face cash-flow-gaps every year. Well, there is no one particular reason for this issue to occur. It could …

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cash flow statement

What is a Cash Flow Statement and How to Make Sense of it?

The cash flow statement is an important financial document for every private enterprise. Along with the balance sheet, income sheet and the income statement, the cash flow statement forms a troika of documents that represent the financial health of your enterprise. A cash flow statement is prepared for a given, predefined period. It can be generated monthly, quarterly and for …

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invoice finance anchor

The Basic Requirements for Becoming an Invoice Finance Anchor

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are looking for alternatives to the conventional methods of raising short-term business finance such as small business loans. The need has arisen from the fact that the traditional financial vehicles are often slow and cannot effectively deliver quick credit – which is the need of the hour in today’s agile marketplaces and supply chains. That is the …

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5 Things all Small and Medium Enterprises should do to Boost their Business

Small business owners are always looking for new ways to boost their enterprise. While improving products and services gives a competitive advantage to a business, it is the way things are being run that brings about efficiency and financial savings. Hence making an enterprise profitable. Deploying these operational and financial strategies requires due process. It is not a fire and …

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invoice finance lenders

Things that you should Consider before Choosing Invoice Finance Lenders

So, after taking a look at the benefits of invoice finance, you have finally determined that it is the right way for boosting your operations, and now, you are looking for a good invoice finance lender. But you do not know which non-banking financial company will be ideal for your business needs. Well, we know that online research is the …

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What is Single Invoice Finance or Spot Invoice Finance?

Single Invoice Finance is when individual invoices are collateralised to a third party for raising working capital. It is different than invoice factoring which usually covers the whole turnover i.e. the company seeking invoice finance collateralises the entire sales ledger. Selective invoice finance gives vendors the choice to pick and choose the invoices they wish to cash. single invoice financing …

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Invoice Finance Loans

5 Ways to Use Invoice Finance Loans

Cash flow is one of the best identifiers of business success. How a company manages its cash flow determines the level of success it achieves in the long run. If you have been having trouble maintaining your firm’s cash flow, invoice finance is an asset solution that can help you bring efficiency into the process. Today, the business environment has …

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vendor contract

Your Guide to Vendor Invoice Finance and its Benefits for SMEs

A vendor or supplier is a term used in supply chain management for anyone who is offering goods or services to a company or individual customers. A vendor generally manufactures items than can be inventoried and sells them to commercial or private customers. In a supply chain, vendors are tracked through a financial system or through a warehouse management system. …

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