How Manufacturers Can Help Their Suppliers with Supply Chain Finance

Today, India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and the manufacturing sector has seen significant gains in terms of growth and capacity. With 45% manufacturing input coming in from SMEs which have been growing at 10% year-on-year surge, factors like rising production costs, new projects, R&D initiatives and acquisitions are a by product of this growth and …

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cash flow

Tips to Maintain the Steady Cash Flow for Your Business

Small and medium enterprises working as suppliers for larger business entities often develop a culture of ignoring the cash flow while focusing on other business goals and targets. While it is important for an SME to maintain its goodwill with its commercial partners, it is also critical to take stock of “Free Cash Flow” – that is the amount of …

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late payments

4 Tips for Dealing with Late Payments from your Buyers

There is nothing more frustrating than a delayed payment for a small business owner. In general, SMEs have way less cash at hand to work with than a large organization. Therefore, a delayed payment can send a small business owner scrambling for cash. Moreover, delayed payments can also result in lost opportunities for a business operating in a competitive industry …

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invoice finance anchor

The Basic Requirements for Becoming an Invoice Finance Anchor

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are looking for alternatives to the conventional methods of raising short-term business finance such as small business loans. The need has arisen from the fact that the traditional financial vehicles are often slow and cannot effectively deliver quick credit – which is the need of the hour in today’s agile marketplaces and supply chains. That is the …

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working capital

5 Tips to Keep Your Working Capital Under Control

Cash management can make a world of difference for the profitability of your business. So much so that it can be the difference between success and insolvency. This fact is particularly applicable for small and medium enterprises and startups in the most competitive sectors, where strict financial control is the only way to stay ahead. In business terms, the cash …

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5 Things all Small and Medium Enterprises should do to Boost their Business

Small business owners are always looking for new ways to boost their enterprise. While improving products and services gives a competitive advantage to a business, it is the way things are being run that brings about efficiency and financial savings. Hence making an enterprise profitable. Deploying these operational and financial strategies requires due process. It is not a fire and …

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Invoice Finance Loans

5 Ways to Use Invoice Finance Loans

Cash flow is one of the best identifiers of business success. How a company manages its cash flow determines the level of success it achieves in the long run. If you have been having trouble maintaining your firm’s cash flow, invoice finance is an asset solution that can help you bring efficiency into the process. Today, the business environment has …

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invoice finance benefits

How does Invoice Finance Works and What are its Benefits for SMEs

Invoice financing is a mode of business finance which offers a fast-cash solution for companies with commercial customers or suppliers. The invoice financing process is quite straight-forward and faster than other business loans. Here; How does Invoice Finance Works? Your business gets a purchase order form, which is an agreement that lists the contract between you and the buyer, detailing …

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