Invoice Financing

How Invoice Financing Can Increase Your Business Cash Flow

Small businesses often face a cash crunch due to operating on tight budgets. Moreover, the constrained lending space for SMEs in India has also not helped small business owners in recent years. While businesses in India are in a routine of extending credit for encouraging more sales, the practice leaves you starved for ready working capital. Due to the lack …

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The Pros and Cons of Invoice Financing for SMEs

Invoice financing allows small and medium business owners to raise money against a percentage of their invoices before the payment is cleared by the customer. However, invoice financing comes at cost as it reduces the actual value of the total invoice amount by deducting processing charges and interest. Therefore, invoice financing is not for everyone as it only fits specific …

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purchase invoice financing

What is Purchase Invoice Financing and How Does it Work?

Invoice financing has emerged as the latest trend in India’s SME finance market. It allows quick business finance for small and medium enterprises with commercial clients by allowing them to encash their bills earlier than the due date. Purchase invoice financing or purchase order financing is a form of invoice finance that allows sellers to meet their working capital flow. …

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working capital

How to Get a Small Business Loan Easily

Getting a business loan can seem like a chore to small business owners looking for quick working capital finance in India. The banks with their NPA problems are wary as ever and the non-banking and private financiers have been feeling the pinch ever since the demonetization back in 2016. However, it is not all bad news for SMEs looking to …

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invoice financing

What is Invoice Financing and How to Take Benefit from it?

Invoice financing is a unique way of getting a working capital loan. It is also one of the best ways to streamline your finances and ensure a healthy working capital fund. What is invoice financing? Invoice financing is an asset-based lending product which allows your company to get finance in lieu of slow-paying accounts receivable. There are two ways of …

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