Supply Chain Finance – Raise Working Capital for your Business

Supply chain finance is a revolutionary way of raising capital for small and medium enterprises who work in commercial partnerships with larger organizations. Small business owners can raise finance or optimize their working capital through collaboration with their buyers/suppliers and LivFin – a fintech lender.

Transactions under unsecured supply chain finance are done in multiple domains, such as extending a buyer’s accounts payable terms, inventory finance, and invoice discounting.

Supply chain finance is different from traditional financing in two ways:

  • Supply chain finance connects financial transactions to actual value by moving through the supply chain.
  • Supply chain finance encourages collaboration between a buyer and seller, rather than promoting unhealthy competition between the two. For example, traditionally a buyer attempts to delay payments as long as possible whereas the seller seeks payments as soon as possible. Supply chain finance offers a win-win situation for both parties.


Invoice finance puts more money into the hands of business owners by allowing them to raise funds by collateralizing their outstanding invoices/bills. In doing so, a business owner can streamline the working capital solution for the company without putting capital assets at risk. Invoice finance for small and medium business owners is gaining popular who have commercial customers in India and abroad.


Purchase Invoice Financing


It is a kind of vendor finance. Your suppliers pick and choose the invoices they wish to cash and LivFin advances the payment for those invoices as very-short-term credit to them.

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Sale Invoice Financing


Get finance on your approved invoices from LivFin and repay the amount when the invoice is cleared by the client or on the due date.

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  • Supply chain finance is not a business loan. The supplier finance is an extension of the buyer’s accounts payable, thus it is not a financial debt.
  • It is not just a thing for the benefit of large companies. Unsecured supply chain finance offers value for enterprises of all shapes and sizes, given they have the required credit standing.
  • Supply chain finance solutions from NBFCs like LivFin can offer to finance up to 100 per cent of the total invoice value, minus a very small transaction fee and interest.

Who can benefit from Supply Chain Finance?

Supply chain finance from LivFin is available for both small and medium enterprises and large businesses in India. We cover a variety of sectors, including automobiles, electronics, manufacturing, retail, etc. Our team works closely with buyers and suppliers to create a customized financial solution that benefits everyone in the supply chain.

How to Apply for Supply Chain Finance on your sale/purchase invoices with LivFin?

Getting unsecured invoice finance online has never been easier. Drop us a mail at or call us Toll-Free at 1800 120 7018 and we will arrange a meeting to discuss your financials.


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